Vegan Cheese Nutritional Value

Vegan Cheese Nutritional Value

The demand for Vegan Cheese has been growing these past few years. Several companies have started producing different kinds of vegan cheese. Though Vegan Cheese and vegetarian cheese looks the same, the ingredients used are different. Vegan cheese is an alternative of non-dairy, which is made of rice, flour, potato starch, almonds, and soy products. In contrast, vegetarian cheese contains enzyme-modified cheese flavor, goat’s milk, and cream, butterfly, and casein. Vegan Cheese has lots of nutritional value.

The content value of nutrition in vegan cheese depends on the type of cheese you get. Depending on the brand, a vegan cheese slice can contain up to 35-70 calories in a serving. A diary cheese contains approximately 50 calories per slice. A Block Vegan Cheese contains around 40 to 100 calories in 1 ounce, whereas diary cheese contains around 90 calories in one ounce. If you compare the protein level in a Vegan and Diary cheese, vegan cheese has a lower protein level. A Vegan Cheese slice contains 1-2 grams of protein, but in diary cheese, you get around 4 grams of protein in a slice.

There are 0-4 grams of protein in Vegan Cheese blocks, and in diary cheese blocks, there are around 7 grams of protein. The level of calories present in a vegan cream cheese is 80-85 calories in two tablespoons, and in vegan sour cream, you get around 50-85 Calories on the same serving size. Also, grated parmesan cheese contains 15 calories in 2 teaspoons. The content of fat and saturated fat in a Vegan Cheese is lesser compared to Diary Cheese most of the time. For more information please visit Website

The sodium content level in Vegan Cheese keeps changing. Calcium and Vitamin D are also present in Vegan Cheese. When the level of fat and moisture content is high, the cheese melts easily. However, if the cheese contains high-level protein, it gets tougher when heated. Vegan cheese contains a lot of nutrients, which is beneficial to our health. With the production of Vegan Cheese, it has become possible for Vegans to enjoy cheesy pizzas.

Consuming vegan cheese can help control weight issues and gain the body. It’s useful nutritional facts that are rich in their own fibers, making the person healthier. Cheese made of cashews can be mixed into any fashion. It has good texture provides the ideal amount of creaminess, which is necessary. A whole lot of popular stores have started to stock these items as it growing popularly. There’s an ingredient that creates a foundation for the cheese called tapioca, which helps in melting and stretching the cheese base.