How To Clean A Bong: Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Bong

How To Clean A Bong: Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Bong

Be it anything, but in regards to any materials you use for swallowing anything, it ought to be cleaned after use, and that includes your bong. Bong used for smoking marijuana needs to be cleaned regularly, especially if you are a frequent marijuana consumer. If you don’t know How To Clean A Bong, you can search on the internet and look for tutorials or guide on How To Clean A Bong. Using dirty bong can negatively affect your health. Cleaning your bong is not all about making your bong look clean as new. There are various reasons why you should clean your bong regularly.

Here are a few reasons for cleansing your bong. When you regularly use your best way to clean a glass bong, it can spoil the entire taste of your favorite marijuana. Marijuana is of different breeds, and each type has a special taste. So what happens when you don’t clean your bong? Resins will start building up along with slimy, dirty water within your bong, and this will take off the initial flavor of the bud. It will start developing a flavor of its own, and it is not something that you want to experience. The flavor will keep getting worst as you wait longer to clean your bong.

It will also begin creating foul smell, which will be the first sign you notice when harmful bacteria starts growing on your bong. The filthy stagnant water within your bong is where bacteria will begin breeding, and gradually it will begin creating a stinky smell. You don’t need to smoke upon these stinky bong, so wash your bong frequently. Rinse off the bong water every day after use; this might help prevent resin from growing.

Bacteria start growing within twenty-four hours inside a bong, so it’s suggested to clean your bong consistently once every day or alternate days. Another reason you should clean your bong regularly is that the longer you wait, the harder it becomes to clean the clutter within the bong. The dirt within the bong will become thicker over time, and it will not be possible to eliminate those using standard tools. Therefore, try to make a habit of cleaning your bong regularly if you would like to enjoy a good marijuana flavor.

And the next step will be taking out or separating the parts of your bong like stem and bowl for proper cleaning. And moving to the next step to clean a bong would be rinsing all of the bong elements with hot water very properly. Now you must put back each of its components in its container or place. The next step to clean a bong would be to shake them vigorously. Now pour alcohol and salt in the bong. Then plug the holes of a bong and shake it again after which rinse everything with warm water again for twice. So these are some of the few steps and measures to clean a bong.